Pete Carpenter Fellowship

for aspiring film, television, and video game composers


(L to R) BMI Composer and PCF Mentor Tim Wynn; BMI's Anne Cecere; 2016 winner Casey Kolb; Sonic Fuel Studio Manager Shannon ‘Doe’ Ewing; and BMI Composer and PCF Mentor Christopher Lennertz
BMI Composer and Pete Carpenter Fellowship mentor Chris Lennertz conducting a score at the 10th Anniversary of International Film Music Festival in Spain.
BMI Composer and Pete Carpenter Fellowship mentor Timothy Wynn conducts the Golden State Pops Orchestra. Photo by Christopher Tin.
Sonic Fuel Studios will host the 2017 Pete Carpenter Fellowship.
BMI Composer and Pete Carpenter Fellow John Kaefer conducts in the studio.
Pete Carpenter Fellow Christopher Tyng at his Star Hill Studio in Santa Ynez. ©Christopher Tyng
1998 Pete Carpenter Fellow Atli Örvarsson conducting a score.
Pete Carpenter Fellow Roger Neill conducting at a session for "King of The Hill." Photo by David Kashevaroff.
Christophe Beck, a prior Pete Carpenter Fellowship winner, at the "Frozen" recording sessions with directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee (Courtesy of Getty Images).
2008 Pete Carpenter Fellow David Fleming (center) is shown receiving his award from renowned BMI composer Mike Post and BMI Foundation's Linda Livingston.
2007 Pete Carpenter Fellowship winner James Woodward (c) is congratulated by Mike Post and Linda Livingston.
2006 Pete Carpenter Fellow Gregory Tripi (seated) is congratulated by BMI TV composer Mike Post and BMI Foundation's Linda Livingston. Photo by Randall Michelson.
Pictured are 2002 Fellowship winner Mikhail Tarasov, Mike Post, BMI Foundation's Linda Livingston and 2002 Fellowship winner David LaChance.
BMI composer Mike Post and BMI Senior Director, Film/TV Relations, Linda Livingston congratulate Chanda Dancy, one of three recipients of the 2002 Pete Carpenter Fellowship for Aspiring Film Composers.
Seen here congratulating 2003 Fellows Ryan Amon and Jonathan Kupper are Mike Post and BMI Foundation's Linda Livingston.
Shown at Mike Post's studio are 2004 Pete Carpenter Fellow Mark Petrie, BMI composer Mike Post, BMI's Linda Livingston and 2004 Pete Carpenter Fellow Jon Ophoff.

The Pete Carpenter Fellowship is an annual, competitive residency for aspiring film, television, and video game composers. The program awards a $2,000 stipend for four to five weeks of intensive, in-studio mentorship with established composers in Los Angeles, and also offers the opportunity to consult with other distinguished leaders in the entertainment industry. The 2017 fellowship begins in October and is hosted by award-winning BMI composers and Sonic Fuel Studios co-founders Christopher Lennertz and Timothy Wynn. The duo’s versatility encompasses a wide range of genres in film, television, and video game scoring. Lennertz has scored numerous films including Horrible Bosses, Identity Thief, Ride Along and Ride Along 2, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, as well as TV series Agent Carter, Galavant, Revolution, and Supernatural, and the Medal of Honor video game series, among others. Wynn has written music for films including Superfast! and To Save a Life, TV shows The Chair and Odyssey: Driving Around the World, and video games XCom2 and Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3, among many others. The two also collaborated on the hit video game, Warhawks.

The Pete Carpenter Fellowship was established in 1989 by BMIF Advisory Panelist and iconic composer Mike Post, in memory of the late Pete Carpenter, who was Mr. Post’s co-composer of television themes and scores including The A-Team, Magnum P.I., The Rockford Files (for which they won a GRAMMY), Hardcastle and McCormick, Hunter and Riptide. Also the winner of an Emmy and fifty BMI Film & TV Awards, Post is best known for his TV theme songs for series including Law & Order, Law & Order SVU, and NYPD Blue.

A number of prior fellowship recipients have gone on to forge distinguished television and film scoring careers, including EMMY-winning composers Chris Beck (TV shows Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Practice, Law and Order and feature films The Pink Panther, Waiting for Superman, Frozen) and Roger Neill (TV shows Chicago Hope, King of the Hill, NYPD Blue and feature films Savage, The Outsider, Mercenary), as well as Christopher Tyng (TV shows Futurama, The O.C., Suits and feature films Bring Me the Head of Mavis Davis, Bumble Bee Flys Away, Attack of the 5-2 Women, The Associate, Kazaam), Atli Örvarsson (feature film The Perfect Guy and TV shows Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago PD) Chanda Dancy (feature films Everything Before Us and Lethal Seduction), Aiko Fukushima (feature film The Great Sasuke), Kareem Roustom (Amreeka), and John Kaefer (TV series 20/20, Good Morning America, Sequestered and video game Quantum Break).

“To honor Pete’s memory, we created the Pete Carpenter Fellowship, which was really an extension of my work with him. This Fellowship couldn’t happen without BMI. It’s the place to be because they’re a team of composers first and genuinely invested in your success. When I see our young winners, I get a mainline injection of optimism and am reminded of why I started this program and what I learned at the beginning of my own career: somebody’s going to appreciate what I wrote and pay me for it, life’s pretty good, and it’s especially good because we have BMI covering our back.” - Mike Post


“The Pete Carpenter Fellowship changed my life! I can more or less trace my entire career in Hollywood to the opportunities and relationships that I have had as a result of coming out to LA to do this program. Additionally, what I learned there in terms of the craft and how things actually work in the business was just priceless education which no school can provide. I really can’t say enough good things about this program, the team at BMI, Mike Post and everyone else who supported me along the way, and I strongly advise young composers interested in music for TV and film to give it a go!” - Atli Örvarsson

“Being awarded the Pete Carpenter Fellowship was the pivotal event in my early career, allowing me to transition from student composer to working professional. I learned not just about the art and craft of film composing, but also what it means to lead a life as a professional composer. Through the Pete Carpenter Fellowship I was able to meet and work with many other composers and music professionals, some famous and some just starting out like me, and many remain my friends and colleagues to this day.” - Roger Neill

“Everything there is to learn about contemporary scoring practices, as well as the business end and working with producers and directors, I learned through the Pete Carpenter Fellowship. Any aspiring composer who wants to seriously pursue TV and film scoring should apply. Thank you, BMI Foundation, for this incredible and unique opportunity.” - Kareem Roustom

“Over the course of the fellowship, I learned so much: from the process of scoring television shows such as Law & Order, to philosophy in music and life. Thank you BMI Foundation for giving me one of the greatest experiences of my life!” - Aiko Fukushima

“After I had just completed what was the most inspirational 6 week internship with Mike Post for the Pete Carpenter Fellowship, he said to my father, ‘She can do this.’ Those four words were all it took to give me the faith to persevere 13 years in the film industry. Through failures and successes, through heartbreak and elation, those four words shaped the artist and business woman I am today. Dreams come true, and lives are changed through the Pete Carpenter Fellowship, and I am living proof of this.” - Chanda Dancy

“Winning the Pete Carpenter Fellowship and working with composer Mike Post was a life-changing experience. Watching Mike in action, from scoring a Law & Order episode to interacting with producers/creatives to discussing my goals, had a profound and long lasting influence in my life. I’m forever grateful to the BMI Foundation for providing this unique opportunity.” - John Kaefer

“I could not be more grateful for the opportunities the Pete Carpenter Fellowship provided! I was fortunate enough to get my first assistant job with Tim Wynn through this fellowship, and my time at Sonic Fuel Studios opened many new doors. In just four weeks, the fellowship seemed to shape my entire career. It’s a truly insightful view of the industry and its inner workings, so I strongly encourage all aspiring composers to apply.” - Casey Kolb

Eligibility requirements:

  • At least 21 years of age as of June 30, 2019
  • Pursuing a career in TV, film, and/or video game composition.
  • Must be a US Citizen or resident with a valid visa or green card, and eligible for employment during the residency period.

The fellowship is a one-month, full-time training program beginning in October of 2019. Candidates must be able to adjust their schedules accordingly.

Applications for the Pete Carpenter Fellowship have now closed. Enter your information below to join the waitlist*, and we will contact you with the dates and details of next year’s program upon opening the application cycle.

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