BMI Foundation to co-sponsor new SOUND SCORE class in 2021!

Published: 12.30.2020

The BMI Foundation announced it will co-sponsor a new class with SOUND SCORE for composers looking to 

Begin 2021 by experiencing a new community whose sole purpose is to unite composers and top tier performers around the world. SoundScore is a diverse and inclusive virtual network making engagement with high level working performing artists and composers possible to every composer everywhere. To this end, we are proud to have an early partner in the BMI Foundation who is supporting the following class which is being offered at no charge to any interested composers. We welcome and invite you to begin the new year with us!   

The Inaugural Classes
January 7th at 4pm (EST): “Demystifying the Process”
Helpful hints on choosing and presenting your best work. Hosted by composer Jeremy Gill.
Thanks to our partnership with the BMI Foundation this class is being offered at no charge and has an unlimited registration.  

What To Expect
Composer and BMI Student Composer Awards preliminary judge Jeremy Gill offers an insiderʼs view on how judges assess your work, and what you can do to make your best work stand out. This workshop is aimed at student composers applying to early career competitions (ASCAP, BMI, etc.). 


January 30th at 11am-1pm (EST):  Writing for Middle Eastern Percussion with Yousif Sheronick
A Focus On Middle Eastern Percussion And Frame Drums 
$30 per participant (limit 30 persons)

What To Expect 
An interactive virtual session from Yousif’s studio where he will answer questions about, and demonstrate, various world percussion instruments.  This session will include:

  • The guidelines when writing for world percussion.
  • Playing techniques on Dumbek, Tar and Riq.
  • Middle Eastern Rhythms - how they are played and embellished.
  • Iqa’at (traditional Middle Eastern Rhythms) 
  • See excerpts from works written for the duoJalal.
  • See written examples of compositions written for Yousif.
  • Hear Yousif demonstrate one of his own compositions.

Connect with us on social media and sign up for more information as the SCORE applications of SoundScore go live in late January.   
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